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Introduction (About Vámőr Kft.)

Brief company introduction:

Flexible, accurate, reliable services (environmental product tax, energy customs clearance, excise consultancy, customs consultancy, intrastat administration, waste management) at reasonable price.

VÁMŐR Kft. has been at the disposal of its clients for more than 20 years with environmental product tax administration, energy customs clearance, excise tax consulting, intrastat administration, customs consulting and waste management services.

We have been monitoring environmental product tax regulations since inception, and over the past 10 years, services related to environmental product tax (consulting, record keeping, preparing and submitting the declaration) have become one of our main profiles thanks to the trust of our customers.

Aligning to the needs of our partners regarding cost efficiency, we have expanded our range of environmental product tax services with waste management consulting.

Since the liberalization of the energy market we have been closely following the energy customs clearance requirements, we have developed together with these, and we are keeping constant contact with the competent authorities. In addition, we provide help for many of our clients with excise consulting and administration, customs consultancy and intrastat administration.

Our goals

We would like to continue providing high quality services according the demands and expectations of our partners, like we did in the past more than 20 years. As until now, we will continue trying to win the trust of our partners / principals with our precise, professional way of working. We always strive to find tailor-made, individual solutions for every client.

We continue to forward the claims and concerns of our partners to the competent legislative body, and as we have been successfully involved more times in the amendment of the Environmental Product Tax Act in the past, we will continue to formulate our legislative proposals and forward these to the legislator.


Our company has AEO C certificate

Do you need an advice?


Green Tax consultancy and submission

If you entrust us, we prepare the Environmental Protection Product Duty (aka. EPPD or Green Tax) declaration for you quarterly or yearly and send it electronically to the Customs Authority.

Customs clearance of electrical energy and gas

For wholesalers we manage Import and export custom clearance of electric energy and natural gas arriving or exiting Hungary based on a well established and well performing method.

Excise duty consultancy and submission

A condition of acquiring Tax Warehouse license and tax-free user license is to employ or contract someone having an Excise Duty Administrator license. We can be your contractor in such matters since we do have employees who meet the criteria.

Intrastat consultancy and submission

Feel free to contact Vámőr Kft about getting your Intrastat submission filed in a timely manner and get rid of your administrative burden. We are here to offer you a complete process administration.

Customs duty payment split and summed customs duty payment

We offer our clients a system we operate with the customs authority, this simplifies the financial planning and settlement of the customs declarations.

Waste management consultation

Preparing your waste handling and waste treatment plans, reviewing and optimizing the same (minimizing waste). REACH, filing relevant submissions around chemicals, acquiring documentation, implementing your system of records, verifying storage spaces and advisory around establishment of same, reducing the volumes of your toxics.