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Green Tax consultancy and submission

Green Tax consultancy and submission

f you entrust us, we prepare the Environmental Protection Product Duty (aka. EPPD or Green Tax) declaration for you quarterly or yearly and send it electronically to the Customs Authority. Furthermore we undertake to fulfill the reporting obligation, request certificates, participate in the tax reclaiming procedure and in certain cases we intervene on our client’s behalf at the tax exemption procedure. We also have connections with the county managements of the customs authority. In case of defaulting the Environmental Protection Product Duty declaration, we prepare the subsequent EPPD return established by self-revision within the term of limitation.


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If any question comes up about the business activity of the company in relation to the EPPD obligation, we undertake a complete review of the activity of the company and based on our observations we offer professional consultancy to answer those questions. In cases which are difficult to understand or not straightforward in the legislation background of the EPPD, we can prepare a request for resolution for our client and submit it to the customs authority.

Products affected by the EPPD regulation:


As a rule of thumb, the first entity releasing the goods to inland traffic is obligated to pay the EPPD but also others can be affected , companies dealing with import, export or using their own products in a way that is not specified as producing Self Produced Goods as defined in the Hungarian Law on Accounting (eg. using for own or employee’s private needs)

Environmental Protection Product Duty legislation, effective as of 01.01.2012:

The purpose of EPPD:

The main objectives of EPPD are to reduce the environmental pollution and that everyone should pay a fee after the products that will become waste in Hungary in order to create a funding pool for waste handling or recycling.

Required knowledge:

1, The basic condition to define the products affected by the EPPD regulation is the knowledge of products and a minimal experience in product classification.

2, Accurate knowledge of EPPD regulation

3, Knowledge of forms for notification, declaration and request

4, Last but not least, years of experience helps

If you don’t have all 4 skills above, than you must calculate with the risk of tax deficit identified at a tax inspection.

Our core activity:

1, Definition and assessment of the products affected by the EPPD regulation on a site visit

2, Registering or modification of the current registration at the relevant authority

3, Preparation of and keeping records in (based on the EPPD Law) a registry system for EPPD declaration.

4, Preparation the EPPD declaration

5, Constantly optimizing the register system.

6, Staying up-to-date with the legislation background
7, Training

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Green Tax consultancy and submission

If you entrust us, we prepare the Environmental Protection Product Duty (aka. EPPD or Green Tax) declaration for you quarterly or yearly and send it electronically to the Customs Authority.

Customs clearance of electrical energy and gas

For wholesalers we manage Import and export custom clearance of electric energy and natural gas arriving or exiting Hungary based on a well established and well performing method.

Excise duty consultancy and submission

A condition of acquiring Tax Warehouse license and tax-free user license is to employ or contract someone having an Excise Duty Administrator license. We can be your contractor in such matters since we do have employees who meet the criteria.

Intrastat consultancy and submission

Feel free to contact Vámőr Kft about getting your Intrastat submission filed in a timely manner and get rid of your administrative burden. We are here to offer you a complete process administration.

Customs duty payment split and summed customs duty payment

We offer our clients a system we operate with the customs authority, this simplifies the financial planning and settlement of the customs declarations.

Waste management consultation

Preparing your waste handling and waste treatment plans, reviewing and optimizing the same (minimizing waste). REACH, filing relevant submissions around chemicals, acquiring documentation, implementing your system of records, verifying storage spaces and advisory around establishment of same, reducing the volumes of your toxics.