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After the dropping in the last periods of time it can be felt again there is an increase regarding the quantities coming into Hungary. In the previous years the energy resources (electrical energy and natural gas), which need to be customs clearanced, had came mainly through the territory of Ukraine.

However, it is appreciable that the Serbian-Hungarian border has became busier recently, especially in the case of natural gas, but as it can be seen natural gas come through the Croatian-Hungarian (Drávaszerdahely) and Romanian-Hungarian (Csanádpalota) borders, as well.

Regarding the electrical energy it is also perceptible that the quantities distributed at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border have decreased, while the quantities distributed at the Serbian-Hungarian border have been increasing.

Also, the electrical energy and natural gas customs clearances changed in a minimal extent by reason of the coercivemeasures made by the European Union. In spite of these, we can continue providing help for our clients with proper efficiency and swiftness in that case they would like to deliver electrical energy or natural gas into Hungary or through the territory of Hungary.

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